Waralungku Map

Waralungku Arts is an Aboriginal owned and operated art centre located in the town of Borroloola in the Northern Territory. It is an enterprise of Mabunji Aboriginal Resource Association Incorporated (Mabunji).

Waralungku represents artists from the four language groups of the region.  Yanyuwa, Garrawa, Marra and Gurdanji. Borroloola, is a small town of about 800 people located on near the MacArthur River, approximately 900kms east of Darwin.

The Yanyuwa and Marra are referred to as 'saltwater people' and are associated with the Sir Edward Pellew Islands and the lower reaches of the McArthur and Limmen Rivers.The Gundanji and Garrawa people are known as 'mainland or freshwater people' and are associated with land to the south and east of the present township of Borroloola. Gundanji lands include the site of the McArthur River Mine. Garrawa lands are near the Queensland border near Wollogorang Station and Robinson River.

Since opening in 2003, Waralungku Arts has had a strong focus on artistic development and it now supports about 40 artists using a range of media including painting, printmaking, carving, sculpture and jewellery.
Artists works have been described as thoughtful, colourful and contemporary indigenous art - a reflection of two cultures.

Many of the artists have exhibited all over Australia in Darwin, Cairns, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne. In 2011 work has been exhibited in London. Each year it has had artists selected for the Telstra Art Award.

Waralungku is the place name for the Burketown crossing on the McArthur River, the crossing on the main road just outside of Borroloola is associated with the Hill Kangaroo Dreaming and an imprint of its feet, tail and hind quarters are located at this site.