The Ngardiji dance is about the mermaid dreaming from the Barkly Tablelands. The story goes like this: An old lady had a dream about the mermaids. The song was sung by the Wakaya mob in their language. It was meant only for the Women until a man saw them singing and dancing. The man they called ‘Yirrinju’.

The women saw him and they told him that it was a Yuwulyu for women only he, said that it was a good song and it should be shared by both Men and Women. The old lady then brought it back to Borroloola from the Barkly Tablelands. Today they sing and dance the Mermaid dance.

The team of dancers and singers are from the Yanyula People of Borroloola. They will be able to tell their stories in verse and movement. In places they come together and places they move away. Underlying this is the fabric that covers all Australia.

They have performed in Tennant Creek, Darwin, WA and Qld.