302-21 – Hunting and Fishing in Marra Country – Isobelle Noble



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Artist: Isobelle Noble

Hunting and Fishing in Marra Country – 2021

Paintings – Acrylic on Canvas – 41 x 71 cm

Marra people  are known as saltwater people and gather seafood as an important food source for their families. They also hunt mainland animals and Yungmala (kangaroo) are a favourite.

In the old days spears and boomerangs were the main hunting weapons, today hunting happens with rifles and bush knives, but tracking the kangaroo in the bush is still exactly the same as it has been since the old days.

Marra  people still cook Yungmala the same way as the old days – over an open fire outside in the evening or sometimes buried in the ground (earth oven). 

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