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Artist: Jack Green

Titanic – Real Sad Story – 2021

Paintings – Acrylic on Canvas – 62 x 93 cm

I painted the Titanic because the story is really sad and shouldn’t have happened…so busy thinking they could build an unsinkable boat that they forgot to remember they weren’t perfect and it could all go wrong…..they didn’t have enough life boats, did they?? Didn’t believe they could ever be wrong and need lots of life boats. This story is just real sad…all those people excited about going to start a new life and they all drowned….all because real proud people didn’t think about what would happen if they were wrong. We know what it feels like out here to have whole families killed by stupid, proud people. They didn’t put us in a sinking ship, but they shot us like animals and even herded us off cliffs…..same sadness and same pain it causes families…..both really sad stories that don’t need to happen. Losing your family is real hard, that doesn’t matter where you’re from, it’s always the same. We still feel it even now when too many young ones die in motorcars or end up in gaol.

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