822-21 – Organisations Not Really Listening – Jack Green




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Artist: Jack Green

Organisations Not Really Listening – 2021

Paintings – Acrylic on Canvas – 30 x 30 cm (pre-stretched)

Lots of organisations that are set up with Aboriginal governance, are here saying they are doing what’s right for us, but they are not really listening….

Whitefella managers and CEO’s that think they run everything and they aren’t really listening – just saying they are listening, ticking boxes and then doing whatever they want

Making sure they keep a few Aboriginal people well fed and looked after – ones that they choose because they are easy to convince of something, easy to get them to sign things.

This s not Aboriginal way, they are running things ‘wrong way’…..right way is when they sit down with all the people and talk things through and make decisions together – out in the open, under a tree or something like that where everyone feels like they can take part.

They think no-one notices what they are doing, but some of us can see, and are trying to get things changed…..in this painting my signature is also my face – keeping watch, seeing what is happening.

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