825-21 – Four Clans – All their Scared Songs, All their Sacred Dances – Jack Green



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Artist: Jack Green

Four Clans – All their Scared Songs, All their Sacred Dances – 2021

Paintings – Acrylic on Canvas – 61 x 61 cm

There are four main clan groups around Borroloola – Yanyuwa and Marra, saltwater people from the coast and islands. Gudanji and Garrwa, fresh water people from the mainlands and river flats.

It has been like this forever – right back to the Dreamtime – we are part of this country and we are all part of the sacred song lines, the stories in the land, the ancestor places and the spirt people that are in these places. We call out to them and we hear their voices.

Our people tell stories and connect to our ancestors and our country through song and dance. We also write new songs and dances when we want to talk about something that has happened no so long ago.

In this painting I am talking about scared country and the song and dance of all our four clans.

Garrwa people telling the story of Little Eva with their Aeroplane Dance, Gudanji dancing a sacred Mermaid song, Marra doing the Buffalo dance and Yanyuwa coming up with something new…..

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